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Movie Theater Shooting - A Teachable Moment

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There have been two national news shooting incidents that have resonated with me in a profound way. The first was the shooting at Virginia Tech. That shooting impacted me so strongly because I had been on that campus and in that building myself on several occasions as a recruiter for my company and as a parent of a graduate studies student. It was hard for me to not picture myself there during the incident.

The mall shootings and the church shootings had my attention, but for some reason did not grab me enough to get me to visualize my presence and to analyze what I would/should do in these circumstances except superficially. Now comes the movie theater shooting and for reasons not completely understood by me, it has occupied my thinking. Perhaps because theater attendance is one of the pleasures my wife and I try to indulge at least once a month.

Several questions come to mind. What do you think?
  • What would you do as a third party if you were armed?
  • Would you be inclined to use deadly force?
  • Would you attempt to hold the shooter at gun point?
  • Would you try to escort the shooter from the premises?
  • Would you try to empty the theater?
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I just finished my CCW class for New Mexico on Saturday. I asked a similar question. Basically, if a person has threatened death or grave bodily harm on someone, then you have the right to defend you or that person. I asked if it was okay to shoot someone in the back in your house. "No" was the answer. What if a person was heading up with a knife or a gun up your stairs towards your kids' rooms? "Yes" because your kids are being threatened with death or grave bodily harm. You can shoot then in the back. The instructor is a LEO.

Another interesting thing: At what distance can you shoot someone that is threatening you with a knife? Twenty-five feet OR MORE. He said that if they ran at you, you can't get your gun out fast enough. He told us to try it with a friend who has paint on a stick or something.
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