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As I posted several months ago, CCI is shipping more and more, of the varieties involved with their .22 rimfire ammunition, right to a customers door. Seems some are sorta LATE to the party and others might not be able to monetarily make any purchases.
Feel free to take advantage of the "free shipping" offer, but for those who can, it's a great way to save gasoline $$$ driving around to various gun shops looking for .22 rimfire ammunition.
I now have my range out back cleaned up from winter's debris, so I'm anxious to start doing some group shooting and velocity testing, if only to blow holes in some of the errant BS purported on the inter-web and others who only post what others have done. I more enjoy reading about what the members here have honestly done and found with the rifles and ammunition they've tested, and then see what actual groups they have shot.

Hope next week to try out my NEW CZ 457 MTR .22 Long Rifle match chambered bolt action next week on the "Rimfire Tack Driver Target" that I designed:

Feel free to save this target to one of your files and then print it out from there. I use the same tag paper that the NRA targets are printed on, but of course any 8½ x 11 sheet of paper will work just fine. Good luck, and let's see those targets when you're done.
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