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Mk ii woes again

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My ruger mkii has started acting up. Fail to extract. First shot ok 2nd fails to extract sometimes it will drop the hammer on second pull and sometimes not. Dumb question but is it possible the bolt is not recoiling backwards on first shot? I put a vq extractor in one of my pistols mkii or mkiii but can't remember . I can load a round in the bolt and slide it in by hand and pull it back and it flings the round out. I've cleaned and polished and can't get it figured. Thanks
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Oh well I need a new extractor anyway. Don't ask why cause I can't find the old one.LOL
I took the e c tractor from my mkii and installed in my mkii today. I also polished the chamber with 600 wet fry and then used a cream polish for jewelry. It is operating great now. Just waiting on my new extractor to get the mkiii back up. I'm sure the extractor is what solved the issue but polishing the chamber should have helped a smidget.
Another problem is this is the Mark IV forum.o_O
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