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So, is this just an isolated problem with this particular pistol? Cause if we have a light primer strike on this gun and try to rack the slide to eject the round we will get a double feed every time. Then we have to drop the mag and get things cleared out. Unlike most of our other pistols. Somehow I got the impression that this is just an issue with the LCP II light rack from reading other posts.My wife shoots a TX22 as well as a couple of 380 pistols and usually has no problem clearing the gun but this little pistol gets her all flustered when it has a jam or light strike. By the way, shot 50 rounds of Thunderbolts this morning with no issues so there is that. Thanks for the advice.
So many design problems with the LCP 2 22LR.
The barrel tilting down with an unfired cartridge will cause it to hit the feed lips of the magazine, and lay on the top of the new round = double feed.
The barrel tilting down also moves the bullet rim down past the extractor 'hold' so it lets loose of an otherwise ex-tractable unfired bullet.

If you really want that unfired round to extract in a SD situation;
The magazine feed lips need to be rounded so the unfired bullet rim rolls over them in the lowered barrel position.
The extractor needs a heavier spring and to be modified without the 'lead in' angle at the bottom. This will hold the unfired bullet secure as it is lowered downward by the barrel in the rearward travel to the ejector. I also removed the extractor 'slop' so its a constant tight fit on the rim(per 22LR specs), the OEM design allows too loose a hold on the rim..
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