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LCP vs. DPS CHL Targets

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Regarding the DPS Mandated CHL "Green Guy" Target:

LCP wins. :eek:

All I can say is WHAT A RELIEF!!!

Like many of you, I'm new to the LCP and was wondering (more recently had become "worrying") about how accurate it was at 45' (15 yards), as that is one of the stipulations for Texas CHL certification.

I had it at the range a few days ago and shot all over the place, not really trying too hard but trying none the less.

Well, I'm just glad I hit up the range again today because I got my much needed practice. But most importantly, I had the chance to shoot at the DPS CHL "Green Guy" targets. The range carried them as they do the CHL tests right there.

Out of 35 rounds at the target, all from 15 yds (45ft), I'm happy to say all 35 hit the green guy.. ;D - Yes, I know you don't have to hit it 35 times from that range and the total shots is 50 in all, but I wanted to practice on the 45ft target because I didn't know if I could hit that and if I can hit that, I can hit it when it's closer.

Of the 35 shots I fired, 32 were inside the 8 circle (how big is that anyways?), 1 was bullseye (yay), and 2 were outside the 9, but still in the green.

But the important part is, it looks like I will be able to pass my CHL test next weekend with this Ruger LCP.. :eek: ;D :eek: And that matters most. 8)

Anyways, just wanted to pass this along in case anyone else is wondering. I'm by no means a good shot, either, but getting better and also getting more used to this gun and it's recoil/size issues.

Fun fun!!

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Great job!

Any tips on keeping her steady? My original problem was that my finger would pull the trigger all the way back to the trigger-guard wall. Thusly, I couldn't get it it to shoot in rapid fire at all -- someone gave me a good tip about using the pad of your finger to shoot. Works better for me.
I spent a good 20 mins and about 20 rounds playing with just my finger pad.

It was VERY clear to see how just 1/16" inch or so of re-positioning would affect accuracy. Try if yourself a few times (dry firing or not). If you put your finger pad too far to the knuckle, or at the knuckle, you will pull it the way of your hand. If you use too little of your finger pad, the pull will be much weaker and you may struggle to fire. Doing so can result in more shaking/struggling which thusly results in reduced accuracy.

You have to get "the feel" down that works for you and your fingers. For me it was roughly the dead center of my finger pad.
Great job!!! I think it is funny you would qualify with a LCP. I would use something I could aim a little better. If it works good going.
I only have an LCP, a revolver, and an AR-15. So I have no choice. I could use the range gun but I wouldn't have the oppty to practice with it or get used to it. I dunno. I'm not too worried about it now that I have shot 35 rounds from 15 yards and hit all green and mostly 8s. I think I end up qualifying before I even get to the real 15yd part anyways, because I'll have enough points from the 3 and 7yd rounds already. So I'm ready to rock and roll with the LCP.
When I took the class in WV we all had to use the guy giving the classes gun. He had about 10 different ones there and just handed them out to everyone. We shot 20 rounds but he was not watching the targer, he was making sure we knew how to hold the gun, load it and unload it and all that. We all shot at the same target and it had more holes then swiss cheese.
This is very interesting - apparently you have to show some kind of real proficiency with a weapon. Here in Michigan, all we had to do was put 30 rounds anywhere inside a silhouette from 12 feet. When I did it I rented a Ruger 22/45 and saved $$ on ammo that way, then again, ya'd think one could hardly miss at that range... yet, some people had trouble doing this!
In Texas there is a very specific order you shoot in.
The instructor watch's as you load mag's and fire at his command in the required time frame.
I qualified with a Glock .40 and have carried a Taurus snub for 4 years.
Am switching to my new LCP as soon as I get a couple of hundred rounds test fired.
Will be interesting to requal with the LCP.
Going to need a bunch of practice.
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