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Mine came with the large end of the inner spring toward the "head" of the guide rod, towards the handle end of the gun. I shot 50 rounds on the first time out with no problems. Then another 100 on the second time out with FTF about 70% of the time. I had to tap the heel of slide with my off hand to get it to feed. I had plenty of grease on the rails from it's prefiring inspection and cleaning. I hope the gun is just breaking in and not a lemon. I hate buying new stuff that's broken out of the box.

When I cleaned it after the second round of shooting, I noticed a lot of build-up of copper or whatever the Remington UMC FMJ ball ammo is coated with on the feed ramp. I always hit the feed ramp and breech with a brass tooth brush. Does Remington use a soft lead bullet? I've heard many other people grousing about UMC ammo on other forums but that's all I would find in town.

I also found that the large end of the inner spring had worked over the head of the guide rod. Can it hit the sides of the slide? I didn't see any wear marks I didn't expect to see.

380 ammo in Albuquerque is non-existent in any gun store, Wallies, etc. at this time. I guess those 87k LCPs Ruger sold hit the ammo shelves like a ton of bricks, lol. I have some on Sellier & Bellot FMJ, some Golden Sabers and Some Critical Defence on order. If I still have FTF issues, I wonder if the KT springs would help.

Dan in ABQ
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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