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I have three LCP magazines including one from Ruger with the Ruger finger grip extension on it. All three of these magazines wiggle around when I put one into the gun. The bottom of the magazine will move a lot from front to back. I have several other semi autos from Glock, and the magazine will slide in and there is no wiggle room. It is as though the size of the magazines have shrunk a few thousands of an inch or so. I can slide in behind the magazine a very thin strip of plastic cut to the same width as the magazine, sort of as a spacer and the wiggle quits. To me this is not how a magazine would normally fit into a gun. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed, or has experienced this? I am also wondering if this wiggling around will affect a round being chambered properly.

My LCP magazines have the same wiggle as you describe. I have an XD-9 and it has wiggle too, not as much front to back as the LCP though. I've shot a few glocks and they do fit more snug with the plastic coated magazines.

I don't think it affects performance at all. Although it's happening in a split second, the barrel is floating when chambering a round and the feed ramp is well, a ramp, so a slight difference in bullet angle shouldn't be a problem.

If you're concerned, I think affixing a plastic or Teflon shim like you described should do the trick.
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