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LCP Back from the Recall? What did they do and how does she shoot?

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I'm getting ready to send my little pocket canon back to Ruger for the recall. Has anyone got their's back, if so how does it compare to before the recall, especially trigger pull?
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Re: LCP Post-Recall Thread (gun received, satisfaction feedback)

C/O said:
I got a replacement lcp last week with all the fixes. No real difference that I can tell in the trigger pull. I have not had a chance to get to the range, but it hand cycles very well. I will post more after I go to the range.
When you say replacement,do you mean that the gun you received is not the same serial # that you sent in?
Re: Part II LCP Recall Thread - Gun back? Then here's where to post

snobird said:
UPS came today ;D ;D ;D

it's back....sent on 12/02 and back on 12/08 pretty quick.....hopefullt get a chance to go the range this week wearing my new Ruger ball cap :D :D
That's great news,I sent mine in on the 4th so mine hopefully won't be far behind. Did you get the $25.00 gift certificate? Why I'm asking is that there is a posting going over on Glocktalk about the LCP and one of the folks that just got his back got the hat and the magazine but didn't get the gift certificate.
Mine returned today,I dropped it off at the shipper last Thursday 12/4 and the UPS guy delivered it to my door today 12/11. No noticeable difference as was expected. Had received my Nemesis pocket holster yesterday and now to get the laser reinstalled and I'll be ready to go.
Is this a split (roll pin) or is it a solid pin? If it is a solid pin I'm guessing they applied a drop of loc-tite and if it is a split pin I would assume that they simply flared it slightly and reinstalled it.
jocko said:
smells like a troll to me, :-\ :-\

sniff sniff ;D ;D
I thought I had detected a negative attitude in his posting but thought maybe it was just my perception. ;D ;D ;D
This is all really confusing!!!! Ruger has suddenly started putting metal catches in guns whether they had an issue or not.
N2LCP said:
fangus said:
when were talking about followers are we talking about the cutout inthe mag itself?
The metal magazine tube has a cut out slot in the right front (the rounded end) about1/3 down from the top where the magazine catch fits in and holds the magazine in place. The follower is the plastic part inside the magazine that the bullets rest on. Each round loaded pushes the follower down into the magazine, and the metal spring below it pushes the follower & the bullets that are resting on top of it Up as each round is fired. First make sure your gun is completely unloaded. If you disassemble the magazine, and then put the metal magazine frame/well back into the grip handle until it snaps into the mag catch. From the top you can look down into the magazine and see where the mag catch is protruding into the magazine wall and gripping the magazine. Now slide the plastic follower in from the bottom. and you can tell if it will contact and rub on the mag catch, as you push it up from the bottom past the mag catch. If you are seeing a lot of contact, or it is hanging up, you will likely have trouble when it is in service.
That is a great explanation,there are a number of people coming into this whole, follower, mag extension, base plate,plastic versus metal discussion that are confusing parts of the gun and it is good to see a thorough explanation like yours. Keep up the good work!
Grinchmob said:
Received my LCP back today and I have a few concerns.

First off, I am in no way a Billy B**chcakes and I don't spend time to post unwarranted negative posts just to burn a few minutes of my day ::), that being said I have a few concerns with the recall retrofit.

I realize Ruger is swamped but their communication is not accurate at all. (see my shipping receiving post for details)

With my pistol I got the Hat and standard magazine. Along with the internal upgrades I got the metal mag release, a new beefier Slide lock and instead of a diamond stamp I got a triangle stamp as well as a crappy little "R" stamped in my Barrel next to the "380 AUTO".

Along with the well documented mag catch issue, I have more concern that I DID NOT RECEIVE MY SLIDE OR BARREL BACK! The ones I got back appear to be heavily worn and the slide has a few serious dings in it that were not on mine before I sent it. Additionally the gun rattles around like a Model T Ford with a Cylinder down when the slide is back, and quite frankly it feels like the fit and finish has dropped to KelTec grade.

Do we have any knowledge of what the Triangle Stamp means vs. the Diamond and do we know if they just strip the lowers, and then reassembly with any slide/barrel they have kicking around?

The proof will be in the shooting, but the possibility of a slide/barrel swap has me highly concerned.

Thanks for your responses, and a great Forum.

The Grinch
I seriously doubt that you received anything back from Ruger that was not sent to them.How long had you owned this pistol before you sent it to them? Was it pocket carried, carried in a holster?
megatron_lcp said:

I agree with you. I have not received mine back yet, but I am expecting it will have a different slide and barrel.

The barrel would not bother me too much (other than the fact there is the possibility someone could have been shot with it and now it is in your gun).

I think the slide would bother me more due to the fact that when you bought your pistol you accepted how it looked at the time of purchase. Now you send it back for the rework and in my opinion it should be the same slide with the rework completed or at least be a better slide than what you sent in (condition wise that is).

I think it is crap if they are reworking parts ahead of time and just slapping other peoples used assemblies on to the guns as they come in. That would be very poor and most likely a deal breaker as far as me ever buying another Ruger firearm again.

I will keep my fingers crossed hoping that mine comes back with the same parts reworked or better.

I will definitely know because I engraved the barrel, slide, and lower.
Let me see if I read your posting correctly, first you suspect that you will get somebody else's barrel and slide back from the recall and you are hoping that it won't be one that somebody shot someone with? You are pretty certain that you will know whether it is your original because you have carved either names or initials on at least three of the main components.
I for one will be anxiously awaiting the return of your pistol.I sure hope they don't mix your's and Grinchmob's guns up or somebody is going to be in for a real treat. ::)
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