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I've had my LCP 2 for a few years. It's had a few thousand rounds through it. It has never hiccuped. I replaced the takedown pin just because. This model does not have the slide lock-back on empty mag feature. Yesterday I was at the range at Sig Sauer in Exeter and after I ran a magazine though it, I inserted a new mag and went to rack the slide and it was stuck. Really stuck. It had a minute amount of play in it. I popped the mag and verified that there was nothing in the chamber. I went to the armorer on duty and she looked at it and saw nothing either. She used a plastic hammer and tapped the slide from the front and it popped free. She suggested that I have Ruger look at it. Then she suggested that I do a thorough cleaning and lube and try it one more time. I did the cleaning but haven't had time to hit the range again. Before I do I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue. Thoughts?
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