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I have owned lasers in the past, and i can also vouch for their usefulness as a secondary sighting system / trigger control development aid.

I don't own any lasers now, but i will buying one in the future for no other reason, then the fact that the lcp has no real sights that are usable at night.

Case point --

if i were to be knocked down at night by a thug, i most likely couldn't even see the gun much less the tiny steel pimples that are called sights.

now couple that with the element of suprise, adrenaline rush, and the stress factor of knowing that this moment may be your very last.

Could you pull it off in under a few seconds??? Probably not.

Draw weapon, align laser, and bingo, the problem is now solved.

If one didn't possess the laser, drawing the weapon up to eye level would be difficult at best, and impossible at worst.

Besides, Mr. Murphy seems to consider me his best friend on most any occasion.

So, that is why i will be buying a laser for the lcp, and it is a necessity IMO for any small handgun or revolver with a limited sight picture that is carried at night for self defense to possess one.

best regards, ;D
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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