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'Just wanted to pass on my excellent experience (thank you Jocko for referring) with Accurate-Iron (AI) Gunsmithing in Jones, Oklahoma. Mike of AI at my request removed the finger grooves on my Glock30sf (too narrow for my fat fingers), undercut the trigger guard to allow me to get more "meat" on the grip (I left the hump as is), and stippled around the borders, I refer to it as "stipple lite." 'Just enough to make a difference and I think it came out very nice (photo below).

Mike specializes in Glock, XD, 1911 and M&P work but he can do stippling and finger groove removal on any polymer frame. He also does porting, sight installation, refinishing, trigger jobs (carry and competition), etc.

I have nothing to do with this outfit, just a satisfied customer passing on info.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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