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Just joined

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Spent the last couple hours reading here - y'all have a good thing goin'.

I've been lusting for an LCP since I first saw them in the press, but haven't found a local store with one yet. Last place tried to encourage me to test/buy a micro eagle instead. Not likely, I'm a Ruger fan.

Currently the safe has 5: Single six, Bisley Vaquero 45 Colt, Stainless Vaquero 44Mag, P89K, and an Old Army. Obviously I need one more to have an even number - not that it will spend much time in the safe.

My current carry is a Kimber Ultra CDP .45, but I think the LCP would go more places with less hassle.

keep up the good work,

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Thanks Mitch, Hello and welcome to elsiepea forum, there are alot of great people on here full of knowledge(yeah some useless ;D) J/K Hopefully someday soon you will beable to get yourself a LCP. Rob
Mitch welcome and hope you can pick one up soon. John
Welcome aboard. Check out They usually have several good deals a month for the LCP. Although I have not checked for about a month, I believe your patience will be rewarded. I bought mine through them.
Hey Mitch....


from another Ruger fan..
Hello Mitch,

Get the LCP when you can, I'm sure you'll like it.
Mitch I went to te LCP because of the weight. I carry 24/7/365 because of work. The lightest caliber they will allow is the .380 , even then they frown on it.
Mitch, you'll really like the LCP and welcome. Mark
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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