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Just got it home

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Got a call from the GS that I bought my LCP from. O put a deposit on it last week. It came in today. They said that they were very busy and I could come in after New Years to get it. I told them that I just started out the door and I would be there in 1½ hours. The guy laughed and said "I thought you would say that." They were busy allright, but when he saw me he went back and got the gun so I could inspect it. As soon as he finished with his customer he came to me. We did the paperwork and I was gone.
It is a 371-03xxx gun and still was covered with the some of the oil. Casing envelope was dated 12/12/08.
I'm going to the range in a little bit to try it out.

I'm a happy guy... ;D
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Congrats.... ;D

Did it come in a plastic pistol case or a cardboard box?

The 370s came in a cardboard box but I heard that the 371s are in a nice plastic pistol case?.....
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