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IWB holster for LCR 38 w/Lasermax sight

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Hello all,

I Just purchased the LCR 38 with the LaserMax sight. I have found some web sites that say their holsters will work with my model however I have yet to see a single picture on the web of one of these holsters with my specific gun. Can anyone help me out? Need some guidance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Semper Fi

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DD, I looked around and found a couple that will handle the LCR/LaserMax combo that might be of interest to you...

...similar to the CrossBreed look... | Products | Custom IWB Holsters

...the more traditional style and carry...

Ruger LCR with Lasermax Centerfire laser attached.

Semper Fi
The Remora 8R-CH can be ordered to accommodate the Lasermax.
Thanks for the suggestions. I just found a sight that has a couple of options as well. Foxx Holsters has the Foxx Hybrid and the Little Foxx. Check them out. They have a great guarantee.

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So i finally got my holster from Foxx and I really like it. Just trying to wear it around the house and find the best place for it right now. Here are some pics.
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