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I just picked up a new LCP last week for a CC pocket gun. I had to get something that would be
easy to carry in the pocket of my jeans (either front or back). I am now thinking maybe I should look at a IWB holster for it that I could carry in the small of my back. I have to tuck my shirt in here at work so my options are kind of limited. I was looking at the pocket holster below for my back pocket, does anyone have any suggestions for a small IWB holster that would be comfortable with the LCP in the small of your back? Thanks
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Galco inside the pants push up holster works great for me. I carry it appendix and it can be worn with your shirt tucked in. Drops the LCP level with the belt line and makes it unnoticeable.
Crossbreed (site sponsor) makes one specifically for LCP/P3AT

BTW, I have the pocket holster you provide a link to. It works nice by completely hiding the print of the gun, but it makes for a fairly big "chunk" in my front pocket. None of the rear pockets on my pants will work as they are not deep enough and the rear portion of the gun peeks out. I also don't like the idea of riding a gun back there where I can't keep an eye on it.
In reaction to an earlier post on this site I obtained a DeSantis IWB "Insider" model, which I wear at one o'clock and do not even know it is there. I found mine at

Other items are available at very reasonable prices.
Thanks for the info. guys. I will check some of these out.
try JMGholsters there made by a kid in Texas
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