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Is this idea crazy?

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I've been thinking about this ever since I bought my LCP. What would it take and would this work?
Convert the LCP barrel's chamber to the Russian 9x18 caliber.

Why? Well, mostly because the ammo is cheaper in mil. surp. form and I've been thinking about getting a CZ82 in the near future. There seem to be at least a few good hollow-point loads available as well.

By comparing the 2 round's dimensions, it seems that the 9x18 is just a tiny bit larger all around except for the overall length which is identical, so the mags "should" work without modifications.

Well, am I crazy? Are replacement barrels even available and are they individually fitted to each gun/slide?

Would this work?
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There was talk of a replacement barrel for .32 NAA... or something, I don't recall really as it didn't interest me that much. So yes, it seems there are replacements available, but as far as caliber selection... limited I'm sure. No idea on dimensions.
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