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Indy 1500 gun show

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had a friend who went to it and said it was the biggest crowd he ever has seen there. Took him an hour just to get inside, I am assuing he was there the first day.

His comment was ammo was out of site in price, .
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Outdoor Wire Names Obama "Gun Salesman of the Year"
By Jim Shepherd
Jan 14, 2009 - 7:22:08 AM
Hey Howard....
Thanks for the link. It's a great read. In fact, I forwarded it to everyone on my mailing list that supports 2nd Amendment....

Have a great day....
SK :)
I'm in the process of doing the same thing Sandra did. Thanks Howard.
To this point, with the recent run on guns and ammo, I have been thinking of ways to invest in this pitiful stock market to make a play on this trend. You know, make some more coin to buy even more toys. ;D

Unfortunately, most of the gun manufactures are privately held companies. There are a few OTC NYSE listed companies such as Alliant Technology Systems listed ATK and of course Smith & Wesson SWHC. ATK may do more military ammo than civilian which may not be a good thing for the incoming administration. Course Ruger may be undercutting S&W with the new LCR.

Charts still look pretty damaged like most everything else but have stopped the freefall and look to be in a basing pattern right now. Worth a speculative look.;range=1y;range=1y

disclaimer* I am not a licensed financial broker by choice and these recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. The markets and hand guns for that matter include inherent risks including loss of principal and may not be suitable for everyone. :p
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