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I got it, now what, the CT faded.

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Last Friday I got my LCP and Saturday the CT lazer. Monday hit the range, gun worked without a flaw. It digested a couple of different kinds of ammo, recoil is not bad at all and my best group was 1 3/4" at 25 ft. Very impressive and only possible because of the CT. Problem was that the third clip and the lazer started to fade and then quit. Came back to life and then faded with the forth clip. I pulled the cover off the CT and pulled the battery and put it back in. Next two clips worked great. Has anyone had same type problems?
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CTCdesigner said:
It also could be some glue residue on the neg contact. The eraser trick will clean that off. :)
Thank all of you ;D I will try that at the range tomorrow. Hey "CTCdesigner" you guys take walkins for service. If something goes wrong I live in the area and trust hand to hand much more than Snail Mail :'(
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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