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Howdy from DFW, TX

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Got a brand spanking new LCP that I just can't wait to shoot! I may just have to go to the back yard and plink a can or two! Can't seem to take time to go to the range..........maybe someday! Soon I hope! Everyone enjoy their LCPs!

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You have me by 4 years .....same amount of handguns



Remington Model 51 (380)

S&W Model 19 (357)

High Standard "The Marshall" (22)

the P3AT I just picked up at auction and hope it shoots as well as my LCP ;D
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I have a new P-3AT that I have sent two rounds down and I am very anxious to shot my LCP and see how it compares recoil wise! The LCP cosmetically is far more superior in my eyes!

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Hello Picketeer, welcome to the site, Im sure you will enjoy your LCP
Lookin' forward to a long life with it! See you and I are kinda partners in "crime"!
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All for one, one for all ;D
You got it Kraigster414...........
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