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Howdy Folks!

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I'm from Michigan.........

I'm a Liberal...........

I'm a Democrat..........

I'm a Gun Nut...........

I ride a Harley.........

Other than that, I'm a pretty decent chap........
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Dang dude I'm with you on all counts except I have to add along with my (Harley) Sportster I have;

Two Scooters (Motor Scooters, hence the handle)
A few Randall Knives
A Bengal Cat
........although I enjoy shooting and hope with time (and some more money) to learn skeet/trap in the future I wouldn't call myself a gun nut, however, even some liberals enjoy a day at the range with an AK47 8)

Howdy---from St.Louis a liberal democrate damn I feel at home now.
I'm from Minnesota.

I ride a Burgman 400 scooter.

I carry a LCP in warm months and a .40 cal Beretta in cold months.

I use to be a democrat until the NRA disclosed that 85% of democrat
senators want ALL guns taken away from law-abiding people.
Yes, that whole 2A thing is a problem not to be resolved any too easy. We will have to bop over to the political section to argue with the proper decorum. However, I don't trust all politicians whether they be democrate, republican or the NRA. I know many fine gun folks will hate me but as yet the NRA scares me too and I have no illusions that a gun free America is the remotest possiblity, yes, I've heard all the scare tactics and if "only" there were guns to stop them there Nazi boys but I just don't see the world as black and white and working GSW is what I've done for a living so even though I hold a CCP and "might" hold a CCW I just might feel safer but I remain unconvinced that "we" meaning "you" are safer because I "might" have a gun, confused yes I am........ ::)-- Anyway, I'll keep this side away from my general greetings

2 Honda CH250 1985 & 1990
1 Sportster 2005 883XL

I carry whatever fits my mood, Ruger LCP, Kel Tec PF9, CZ P01, CZ PCR hell my AK47 fits under the seat of my little 1990 Honda CH250 so don't snub me Harley boys (just a joke, however, they wave at me on my Sportster but (only) some SNUB me on my Scooter. Oh well, must think I'm a Democrate..................................this is ALL in fun :eek: ::) :eek:
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Welcome from Texas Hog Rider...........Hope you enjoy the forum!
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