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How long does the LCPForum store usually take?

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I ordered Pearce Grips from our store about 2 weeks ago. They were supposedly in stock. Should I be trying to contact them or is this about normal?
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Re: Pearce mag extensions

leathersmith said:
Like the Pearce extensions a lot. Better for my large hand, than the Ruger ext. which seems to cramp the ring finger, Pearce is more straight, and supports better. Control of the CT laser button is better too for me. Only draw back, is the Pearce is approx .57 inches longer than the standard mag, and .383 inch longer than the Ruger extension. Little tighter for removal from the pocket. Could use the standard mag for carry, and the extension mags for the range. Oops, I know, practice with what you carry.

I carry the standard mag in my G27 and the extended mag as my spare. But I regularly shoot with both and haven't found any difference in my shooting... I may have a retarded pinkie that doesn't do much when shooting... I know with most people there would be a difference. I'm just a freak.

Anyhow, the only real reason I carry the extended mag is due to the 11rd capacity over the standard 9. And now that I think about it, I could actually carry a full size .40 mag as a spare since any Glock will use the larger version's mag. Anyhow, don't see much of a point myself in carrying your spare with an extension that doesn't add to capacity. And I also don't see too much of a point in buying a tiny tiny pistol then making it bigger. But hey, that's totally a call on personal preference.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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