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Hi From The Land Of The Buckeyes!

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I'm finally looking for a pistol to complete my CCW "ensemble". I generally choose between a SIG 220 "Carry" in .45ACP, a S&W 6906 in 9mmLuger and a Colt "Cobra" in .38 Special; all depending on the weather (mode of dress), social circumstance ("on the farm" or in inner-city, high crime area) or on my particular whim at the moment. Anyhow, I've decided I need a small "pocket pistol" to fill a 10 % niche and am trying to decide between the little Ruger, its KelTec counterpart, a Guardian or a Seecamp.

I hope to learn a lot from this site and maybe be able to contribute a little.
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swampwolf!........Hope you enjoy the forum and help us make it the BEST!
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Welcome aboard swampwolf. Where in Ohio? I'm in Canton. I shoot at Midwest and Trigger Time. You?
Ashland County. A long time ago I used to shop at Buckeye Sports in Canton before they went out of business. But now we have FinFeatherFur in Ashland- still miss Buckeye Sports though. :'(
Go Bucks! ;D Welcome!
hello and welcome
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