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Hey from NC

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New here, just found the site by accident while reading an LCP for sale ad. Got my LCP shortly after they came out. Cant say enough about it, quite accurate for it's size, great for pocket carry, forget it's even there. John
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welcome from missouri, enjoy the forums, and the LCP.
A big welcome from Idaho, yankee! I think your assessment of the LCP is spot on, couldn't agree more :)
Glad you are here!
Welcome from Tennessee,a lot of good folks and good info on this board..
Pheathman said:
Welcome from Waynesville!
Grew up in Canton, and lived in Waynesville for a number of years before moving to KY. Small world!
No kiddin' it is a small world. How's the bluegrass in KY?
Pheathman said:
No kiddin' it is a small world. How's the bluegrass in KY?
Not too bad...not a lot different from home really. I was actually in Waynesville today...drove through on my way to Asheville...ironically, to shoot my LCP for the first time at On Target Shooting Range in Asheville. I'm amazed at how much Waynesville is changing!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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