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Hellofrom NY

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let me re-introduce myself. My name is Mike and I joined the forum quite a while ago as I was anticipating the arrival of a new LCP I ordered it in June and I finally just received it Friday Jan. 9th
I guess it worked out for the best this way as I got a 371 series pistol and avoided all the recall troubles. I read the forums all this time and got plenty of good info. I look forward to taking it to the range and trying it out.
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Welcome from NC, moved out of NY about five years ago and don't miss much about it. I lived South of Buffalo in Orchard Park for 50 + yrs. John
welcome. i too am from this unforsaken ungodly unholy state.

but I will only speak the truth, and give the best advice I have. I have a very nice collection of firearms I am not afraid to admit to, and some I am because they scare people.

I do not shoot much, because i own them and can whenever I choose.

I choose to let others enjoy them and get enjoyment out of letting them do so....

i am a smith & wesson, glock, sig, and colt/bushmaster/etc armorer.

i own a gun range, and am usually a very nice guy.

we do not all always agree, but that does not mean that I do not respect your opinions.

that is all for now. questions, need advice, ask away....

and btw, my 2 best buds here are kraigster414 and jocko...if that tells you anything....
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I managed to escape Long Island years ago. Welcome!
Welcome aboard from Louisiana.
kraigster414 said:
I managed to escape Long Island years ago. Welcome!
Hello kraigster,
my wife is from Long island and we visit often. We are in the Rochester area and with the weather the way it's been there hasn't been much opportunity to go shooting :mad:
Nassau Co. Mike. North Shore. Port Washington.
Howdy from the Beartooth Mountains of Montana
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