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Nice forum. I see a number of familiar names. Around where I live, "Glad you haven't been shot" is a phrase used by a morning conservative talk radio guy, that describes conditions around here pretty well. My LCP is now my everyday go everywhere primary carry. I try to get to the range and practice at least 2 or 3 times a month. The LCP took the place of a pair of P3ATs, a Glock 30, & a Sig P239 that now sit in a gun safe only to be pulled out inspected, cleaned every couple of months. No, I do not want to sell any of them, you never know when a spare might need to be reactivated. I carry in a rear pocket Guru Dave leather holster. I have been trying to get K&D to make me a custom Kydex 2n1 defender. Been on order for 4 or 5 months & still waiting. Later!
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