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Hello from Twin Falls, Idaho

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Hello, I am glad to see a site dedicated to this wonderful firearm. I was looking for a BUG as I was submitting my application for CCW (processing). I carried a S&W Sigma SW9V at my place of work. So I wanted something a little smaller as I am not particularly worried about needing a firearm. My business. My personal choice to carry. When looking, I was shown the KT. I really liked it (not knowing about the LCP) I decided to wait. I looked through a ad and saw the LCP (while still in the store). I asked if they had any. They went and checked and had 5. Once I saw it I was in love. However being on a tight budget(And the wife not knowing) I decided to wait and well after researching the LCP I bought one 4 days later. I had to travel two hours to get it thats the only reason I waited the 4 days. And I still didnt tell the wife till after I bought it. I havent shot it yet. I bought it on the 1st of September my birthday is this Monday the 15th. So I told the wife that I bought as a gift to myself. So we are going to shoot it on Monday.
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Welcome! Can I say that even though I signed up only today? ??? ::)

We lucked out with a lady we know who owns a gun shop when they first came out; at least it seemed like it was when they first came out....she got two in , and we nabbed 'em. They seem to be a little bit easier to find now.
welcome to the site. Im sure you will enjoy :)
jammanx! Hope you enjoy the forum and help us make it the BEST!
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