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Hello from South Texas

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Well, been fourty years since I shot any type of weapon. After break-ins starting happening in my neighborhood I decided it was time to take precautions. After reading numberous reviews, I decided to start off with the LCP. Still haven't taken it to the range yet but went there to sign up for CHL class. They had some cancellations and I was able to take the class last Saturday.
Passed the shooting part with a 248 score using a Glock 9MM (ok score, I guess) and aced the written part.
Been lurking here for a few weeks, decided to sign up and learn from you with more experience. So, here I am,
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Welcome aboard Jack! I'm glad you took the plunge and joined up, it's a good forum for kicking around anything LCP. I can relate to why you wanted to start carrying, around here there has been an influx of druggie gang types from the Tri Cities area to the west. I have to walk right through the middle of where they hang out to get to the bus stop, still makes me nervous even with the LCP in the pocket....
welcome aboard :)
Great to have you Jack!
Welcome from North Texas
Sure is a great forum, growing all the time
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