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Hello from Prescott AZ-plus a question

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Hi I live just down the road from the Ruger plant here in Prescott Az. I just got my LCP yesterday (329.00 at a place locally that I won't go back too). Fired about 70 rds through it today.
I have a question about the trigger pull tension. I understand that a liitle free play before tension is about right after the first rd has been chambered, or if the gun is unloaded, and the slide has been cocked, but I noticed after the first rd has been fired there is tension on the trigger right from the start of the pull.Is this normal? Am I just not understanding the SA/DA concept? I have sent Ruger a email (along with posting this question on a couple of other sites), but I thought would try and get a response from you fine folks as well.
Thanks in advance
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DesertPunisher425 said:
The trigger pull should be pretty much the same every time.
As a long time revolver shooter, to me the LCP is neither SA nor DA. I would basically call it HA - Half Action. A true "Double Action" will allow you to fire from a completely uncocked position over and over. A true DA auto would also have double-strike capability. I have a couple which have that. Aside from the long trigger pull, the LCP functions more like a SA 1911 than a true DA anything - you have to rack the slide and doing so cocks the gun and readies it for fire. Uncock it and you have to recock it before you can fire again. The difference with the LCP is there is no hammer that you can cock separately, and the only way to cock it is racking the slide.
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