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Hello from NY

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Hello people,
I am from the Rochester area of NY.I have had an LCP on order since June
and am getting pretty anxious at this point. I am told I am 3rd on the list which should translate to a couple of more weeks. I enjoy reading the posts from this forum as there is a lot of good knowledge and opinions. Thanks,
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Welcome Mike. There is indeed a lot of good info here and by the time your gun arrives you'll be an expert. Enjoy your time here.
mikeh, welcome. if you are in the central NY area, shoot me a PM. We can shoot.
Hey thanks :)Always looking for a place to shoot as there are not many in my area.
Mike, welcome from a former NYer, moved south to NC 5 yrs ago from Orchard Park, have some friends in your area.It might be worth a call to Buffalo Gun Center, I know when the Walther PPS were hard to find some guys on our forum found them there at a reasonable price. John
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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