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Hello From Myerstown PA

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Newbie, and first post. Hope this works out OK.
Awaiting the LCP - but not sure why. The novelty seems to be wearing off, after reading all the posts on the Web.

Glad to be here. Please feel free to scold me, if necessary.

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Welcome from NC, enjoy the forum. John
Sorry Mark, you have to do something bad before you get scolded :D Anyway, welcome to the forum, enjoy!
Mark, welcome from another in PA. Where's Myerstown, I'm in the Lehigh Vally area. You'll like the LCP!
Hello 4Norths,

Myerstown is about 30 minutes west of the Reading area, and about 3 minutes east of Lebanon.

In spite of my earlier comments about the LCP, I am still going to buy one. Still on several waiting lists though. The larger gun dealers have really been jacking their prices up. Kind of ticks me off, because they'll quote you a price when they "list" you, but later change that price, when your gun comes in. Seems a bit shady to me. Oh well....guess it's that supply and demand thing again.

You're not that far. If I spot one around here I'll let you know.
Howdy from the Beartooth Mountains of Montana.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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