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Hello from Minnesota.

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Hello to a new member from Minnesota. I have enjoyed my LCP for the better part of a year and actually even shot a round at my pistol league. I look forward to learning a lot from you all!

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Tom, welcome from NC. John
Welcome from another Mn (wintering in AZ ;D)
Welcome from a neighboring state. You'll find a lot of answers at this site and good buys at the store.
New on Forum from MInnesoooooota. Mid-Central near Lakeville. Have had my LCP for several weeks and just installed the Crimson Trace Laser Sight. Love it.
Welcome from the Arctic Tundras of Illinois ;D
Howdy from the Beartooth Mountains of Montana, (we have Triplet Grandaughters in Bloomington [MN]).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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