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Hello from Louisiana

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I found this forum from another site and I'm glad that I did. It helped me decide to become an LCP owner.

I got lucky, walked into our local Cabela's 2 weeks ago and they had 2 in stock. Walked out happy.

Thanks for all of the good info you guys have supplied.

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Hey PapaJoe,
You should be called Mr. Lucky.
Welcome and Good Luck from New York..
Hi and welcome to the forum.
Welcome Papajoe, I'm sure you just made a lot of potential LCP owners very jealous... :D
Welcome form sunny NC, you are the envy of all those people on wait lists. John
Hey Papajoe, congrats on scoring the LCP and welcome to the forum. I got lucky at a sporting goods store in Alexandria (LA) and found mine in the case. I've got a Crimson Trace on the way and :-\ :( just got in the queue for the recall.

Mine is a real decent shooter and as a newbie CCW permitee, it is easy to carry and for me to get some experience with carrying.

I'm up in Natchitoches. You???

Again, welcome

Hi Ben,

We're down in the New Orleans area.

I considered the CT for mine, but opted to order the Armalaser instead. Waiting for the 1st week of December when they ship.
Welcome Papajoe another Louisianan here from Opelousas. You will find this forum very informative. My LCP is at Ruger for repair and recall but will be getting it back within 10 days. Your Lucky, I had to wait 3 months for my LCP to come in after being 1st on a waiting list at Barneys Firearms in Carencro, LA. Good shooting!
Mr. Lucky is right!!!Only place I can find the LCP is a Slidell,La. gun show....Which being a mississippian I cant purchase!! :'(!! I'll have one soon enough tho. Congrats n welcome.
Welcome! This is the third forum I have joined due to the LCP. To be honest, I spend more time here now than the other two put together.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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