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Hello from Louisiana!

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Hey guys, just caught the link to this forum from XD-Talk and figured I'd join on up.

I've had my LCP for around 4 months now. Great pocket gun and good shooter (when it rarely would function correctly). I ran 600 rounds through it to rule out any "break-in" theories before calling Ruger. Seems I have one of the bad barrels floating around. Should have my new barrel soon, hopefully that will fix all the feeding problems.

Other than that issue...I'm excited to have the LCP up and running 100%. I plan on adding the Crimson Trace to it as soon as I'm confident in it and carrying it daily.

Anyways...I'll be around. ;)
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Welcome Racer! There is already plenty of good info on the Crimson Trace in the forum. Enjoy your time here.
SpeedRace........Hope you enjoy the forum and help us make it the BEST!
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