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Hello from Georgia

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After lurking a bit, I decided to say Hi. I didn't own a gun a year ago, but caught the obsession from some friends, and have purchased 8 firearms and obtained a concealed weapons permit within the last year. Thanks for the good info shared on this board about this remarkable little pistol. I've had it for a few months now, and enjoy it quite a bit.
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welcome GizmoJunkie from Ohio, my son lives in Columbus Ga. Will be going down there Wed night :D
It's never to late to start buying firearms, well, at least not yet. Welcome to the forum Gizmo, enjoy!
Welcome to the forum!

I have 'fond' memories of West Georgia when I was at the "Benning School for Boys" ;)

Welcome from NC. I also did a couple of years at Ft. Benning but lived across the river in Bama.
Welcome from a fellow Georgian, 8 guns is a good start, I think you can never have enough !!

Welcome Gizmo! You will learn a lot here. Go Bulldogs!
Thanks, y'all for the welcome and see ya around the forum!

Welcome aboard from Louisiana. Boy, 8 guns in less than a year. Sounds like myself when I started collecting old clocks.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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