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Hello from Alabama

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Been a member for a little while. Figured I would introduce myself. My fiancee bought me an LCP for my Birthday. She was on the waiting list for 3 months and she never hinted at what she was getting me. I was so surprised when she told me. Since then I have gotten two extra magazines, 3 finger extensions, about a dozen different boxes of ammo, 4 holsters, and a Crimson Trace Laser. She was worried that I wouldn't like it. lol.
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Sounds like she's a keeper. The LCP and the fiancee. ;D
You got that right. First thing she said to my dad who was wearing a Ruger hat when they met was "I like Ruger!" They talked for an hour about guns they own, have shot and want to get next. I was amazed. We really hadn't talked that much about guns before that day. I had no idea she knew so much. I felt like I won the lottery that day.
I met a ballistics technician who had worked at Speer/CCI for ten years. When I saw her hit a coffee can @ 100yds, one handed, with a Ruger Super Blackhawk, I knew I had to marry her. It's good to have a common passion. Now if I could only get her fired up on drag racing... :)
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