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Hello everyone !!

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Just got my LCP about 2 weeks ago, haven't even fired it yet (yay long hours at work !! :D), but I broke it down to "clean" it 3 or 4 times already....

But I've already bought 2 extra mags and an Ace pocket holster, a Concealment T and an Uncle Mikes #10 holster for it.

I've found the most comfy carry is using my Active ProGear Deep Concealment holster. It takes a little getting used to, you kinda feel like you are wearing a bra...sorry a "bro" (apologies to Kramer on Seinfeld)....

Second choice is the Concealment T.

Pocket holsters just don't work for me. Kinda hard to go with the impression it's a "fat wallet" in your front pocket when you reach for your real fat wallet in your back pocket to pay for something. People probably don't even notice, but I do.
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Where ye hail from MudPie?
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I'm from Cypress, TX, about 40 miles NW of Houston. How about you ??
Just southwest of Fort Worth, TX about 20 miles or so off I35W......
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