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I bought mine through Here are just some of the auctions that closed within the last 30 days with a completed sale.

110116451 RUGER LCP W/ SPARE MAGAZINE!! 1 $300.00
109673238 Ruger LCP new in box 1 $305.00
108644620 Ruger LCP .380 Auto NEW 16 $306.00
109709351 Ruger LCP 380 ACP - New in Box - No C/C Fees 1 $309.95

20 sold at the $309.95

Shipping ranged from 0 to $30.
FFL fees depend on local conditions. I paid $12.50. I found my FFL agent through a list maintained by

Good Luck

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Sorry for OT...

Legionnaire said:
Driving into work today, heard a radio ad for Ace guns in Washington, PA. They are celebrating "Ruger Days," and specifically mentioned the LCP for $288, I believe.
My wife is from Canonsburg and I used to drive over the road for a trucking company there. We moved out here in '97 and haven't looked back....
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