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Re: Has anyone "used" their LCP yet for actual defense ..firing or brandishing etc??

Ritchie said:
About a week ago, some clown in an SUV nearly hit our work truck.

The guy driving honked at him. The SUV guy slams on his brakes right in front of us.

So, we honked again. He hopped out with a baseball bat.

We all stepped out with our pistols. 2 LCPs and a S&W 9mm....

We never had to remove them from the holster.

He backed off and drove away.

We didn't have to brandish, just seeing that we were armed solved the problem.

Were you carrying open or concealled? If concealed, just showing your holstered weapon is considered brandishing in Arizona and will get you in trouble. You could even have your CCW pulled.

Also, be careful. Your actions could be considered aggravating the situation. When carrying, you are walking a very fine line and anything you do to elevate the situation can be taken the wrong way. The best policy to follow when carrying, let stuff slide and walk away whenever you can. Do not draw attention to yourself. Draw only if you intend to shoot because you were fear for you life. While I'm no lawyer, just think about this... convience a jury that '3' grown men couldn't take down a wacko with a ball bat and had to show a weapon or worse yet, shoot him. Don't think your feared for your life plea would hold much water.

I don't mean to belittle what you did... just point out what you were opening yourself up to....
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