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Boy, mine would have to be the Mossberg 500 18.5" Short-Barrel Persuader Cruiser Breacher 12 Gauge Shotgun. ;) ;) It's interesting, because the stock "accessory" breacher end completes the 18" law.

7 rounds of magnum buckshot, plus 5 on the sidesaddle, green laser mounted on weaver rail, custom hogue rubberized tamer grip, and of course the razer sharp talo muzzle break. If ya run out of ammo, it double duties as a human juicer. It's a lot of fun. If S really did HTF, I even have the added bonus of blowing off door knobs and hinges to gain access to locked rooms that I may need to retreat to once zombies arrive. Of course, you'd prefer the door breaching ammo available at Pics below are the gun, but not mine with all the added goodies.


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