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GSG-5 Rifle

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I want one of these MP5 clones in 22 LR

The new GSG-5 .22 caliber semi-auto rifle from American Tactical Imports is an exact replica of H&K MP5 sub-machinegun aside from the caliber. Ergonomics and handling are identical to that of the MP5 with an overall length of 33.5” and a weight of 6.6 pounds which makes it an ideal training tool for Law Enforcement, Military personnel or civilians. 22 long rifle offers an immense savings over 9mm/40/45 caliber ammunition allowing extensive range time with the GSG-5 at a minimal cost to the user.

Barrel length on the GSG-5 rifle is 16.25 inches including the faux suppressor which surpasses federal requirements making it legal to own by anyone. The GSG-5 utilizes either a 22 or 10 rd detachable box magazine that releases with an H&K style paddle magazine release. The charging handle on the GSG-5 is located on the left side of the receiver and is non-reciprocating just like the H&K MP5 series.

The GSG-5 comes standard with a conventional MP 5 style stock and forend but American Tactical Imports also offers several different style stocks and tactical forends including a side-folding stock like the H&K MP5k-PDW and a retractable stock as offered on the H&K MP5A3. The GSG-5 comes with a standard H&K style forend but is upgradeable to a tactical railed forend that accepts tactical grips, lights and lasers.

The GSG-5 utilizes the H&K style Drum sight that is windage and elevation adjustable. Accessories available for the GSG-5 include a claw mount with picatiny rail allowing just about any optic from a tactical or hunting scope to a Close Quarters Battle optic like a red dot sight to be mounted on the receiver. In addition to extra magazines ATI also offers a tactical magazine coupler for joining 2 magazines together making for a faster reload. American Tactical Imports also offers an MP5SD style barrel/faux suppressor that looks exactly like the original. Whether you are looking for a low cost tactical trainer or a fun plinker the GSG-5 rifle is a winning choice
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How much do these run?
$489.00 list
i do not know much:

and here is how easy they are to work on:

MAKE SURE YOU GET A 3rd GEN EJECTOR. It needs to be riveted not pressed.
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Here's my toy, not quite as cool as the MP5, but it sure is alot of fun to shoot :D

The dedicated 22 rimfire upper below the Oly Arms CAR upper...

Here mounted on the lower...

All pimped out to take on the commie bunny hordes...

50 yards with one called flyer, CCI Stingers...
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