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Greetings From Minnesnowta!

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Bought an LCP for the wife's birthday in August, and we both love it.

I'll be posting a carry idea we discovered this week.

Good to have such a forum!
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Welcome .....there are a couple of us from MN here
Good to see you here. The MN contingent is growing.
Welcome to the forum Jimmy! Enjoy :)
Another MinneSNOWtan here as well and I just joined, too!

Tonight, I just took my new LCP out to Bill's Gunshop and Range for the first time (gave her a good cleaning before heading to the range).

I ran several different rounds through the LCP and found that, for a defensive round, the Speer Gold Dot worked very well. I was also surprised at how (relatively) accurate the LCP was. I was able to get some pretty tight groupings at 15' (that may not be a big deal for many of you folks, but I'm not a long-time handgun user...I've owned handguns for many years but haven't really taken the time to develop the necessary skills with dedicated range time, something that is going to change).

I plan on carrying my LCP when weather permits only shorts or other very light clothing. For the moment, I'm using a "Pocket Grabber", which I found here: It's perfect for throwing in the front pocket of a pair of shorts.
good to see you here Sven. Seems as though they have a good thing going on this forum. I am in Lilydale and usually go to Burnsville pistol range to shoot. Roger, the owner is a good guy, and his prices are fair.
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