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Got mine!

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Picked up my LCP yesterday morning and after a good cleaning and lube I took it to the range to try it out. Also took the local Police Chief with me. Fired about 50 rounds through it at 7-10 yds and hit every time. Chief fired it and liked it. He looked at one last week and hesitated. I bought it and he wishes now that he had bought it.

Little gun worked just fine everytime I pulled the trigger. I traded a Beretta Bobcat .22 for it. I liked the Beretta but I think I'm going to like this LCP a lot more.

I keep reading all the posts about people having trouble with theirs and hope that mine keeps working as good as it does. I trust Ruger has fixed the problems or will in the very near future.
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Luv these positive comments about the Elsie! This is the way it ought to be!
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I did paint the sights with bright yellow paint. My old eyes had a hard time seeing the sights without paint. Made all the difference in the world in finding the front of the slide after pulling the trigger. I can acquire the target a lot faster now.

Went to Gander Mt. last night to buy some Remington GS's. $25.00 a box. Left without them and called the shop where I bought the LCP. Bought two boxes for $25.00. Pays to shop around.
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