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Has anyone else noticed the Fiocchi Shooting Dynamics / Defense Dynamics 380APHP .380 90 gr JHP seems to vary a lot.

1. Large Cavity (will not feed 100% from my LCP USA magazines in some lots due to combination of length and very wide end. Always has functioned 100% out of Italian Mags).
2. Rounded Small Cavity (Looks identical to 88 grain Remington)
3. Visually identical to XTP Bullet with Brass Case.
4. Visually identical to XTP with Nickel Case.

I suspect "3" is actually an XTP and "4" is actually Extrema / Hyperformance Dynamics over-run production in a Shooting Dynamics Box.

1. 80% Expand 11-12.5" penetration and 20% tumble and go 15-18". Expansion is more effected by bone than XTP.

2. Won't expand, practice ammo.

3-4. Typical XTP characteristics. 60% Expand and go 12-14" Penetration and 40% tumbles and goes 16-18".

I wondered if anyone else had run upon lots that wouldn't feed in USA Mags but would in Italy Mags?

I like the stuff in that I can get 50 rounds for $30 and if it's the right bullets it works pretty well, but I can never tell what I'm going to get.

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My experience is they're FMJ's with a hole in the middle. Only good for practice.

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Pretty much. At least the nose profile should tear a slightly more injurious hole through soft tissue, but I wouldn't count on any degree of terminal expansion.
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