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Finally hitting stores in (small) numbers

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Academy Sports in the Houston Area is receiving LCPs in batches of 3 or 4 at a time for many of their stores. The first store I visited yesterday was holding all of theirs for people who had "pre-ordered :mad:" but they were nice enough to check their computer system to see which of the other stores had also received some. After running all over town and hearing "You just missed the last one" :mad:, I finally found mine at the fourth store I visited ;D. They are now getting in the new LCP "kits" which include a neat gray waterproof hard plastic foam-padded case with 371xxx serial numbered guns. Of course they are all sold out now, but keep checking. Required standard disclaimer - I am not affiliated with Academy or Ruger (or anyone else for that matter) and am not profiting in any way from sharing this info. Just wanted to give everyone who has been waiting forever a heads up! BTW, first time poster - long time lurker, love the forum! And yes, I took mine to the range today and it shoots GREAT!!!! ;D
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To add to the informational mix on availability...

In Houston, Academy appears to be bringing in quite a few.
I checked at the 290/34th store on Sunday and was told that the had gotten in 8 the week before but that they all sold.
He also said that they expected more in the next day on Monday (Dec.29) and that I should check back in the morning.

I did, and they had some more. I bought one of them, and the sales guy called it a "kit" because they now come with the Ruger monogrammed plastic case. The LCP also came with two mags, but no mag extension.

My serial number is 370-727**.
I'm guessing that makes it one of the late production pistols of the 370 series that was "Diamond" reworked perhaps even before being shipped a first time. My conjecture, though.

It looks like if anyone in the Houston area wants one, Academy is the place to go.
And by the way, they did raise the price from their former $299.00 to $329.00, maybe because of the pretty box that now comes with it. ::)
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