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...a good place to find a FFL in your area that is active at Buds. You'll see a banner named "Locate FFL" and enter your Zip:

All the FFL's listed have their current license on file with Buds, thus have accepted transfers. There are two categories...Preferred and otherwise. They also provide all the info you need about the FFL you select....including mileage to the dealer. On the otherwise group it is best to contact the FFL and let them know you'll have a transfer on the way. My FFL is in the otherwise group, but knows me and it's not necessary to make the contact. Buds will accept a FAX of the FFL license if your FFL is not on file.

All FFL's listed by the BATF don't necessarily deal with gun transfers....those listed at Buds are in the transfer business.

Hope that will provide another lawyer of assistance.

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