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I took my LCP to the range tonight to play with my new CT laser. Two things. The CT was supposed to be factory set to 50 yds. I tried it and couldn't hit the paper. Moved it into 10 feet and found it was shooting high and to the right. Now to adjust the laser.

But I bought Remington 88gr JHP for my "working round". I had been shooting FMJ through it with 100+ rounds and no misfeeds, but the Remingtons jammed into the barrel with enough force that I could barely hand eject them.

The others were feeding flawlessly including about a dozen or so rounds I had reloaded.

When I cleaned the gun and had the barrel out, I would drop an FMJ into the barrel and turn it over and it would drop out. If I dropped one of the Remingtons into it, when I turned it over the cartridge stayed in the barrel. It almost looks like the cases were not completely sized properly and they flared toward the primer.

Could this be a cartridge I just can't use or maybe a bad batch.

I'm going to pick up some Corbons and hydroshocks and try them.

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I would try them again, but it could be both a bad batch or your gun just might not like the rounds themselves.

I use the rem. golden sabers 102gr. hp and the fmj for ammo.i

i have tested extensively many makers, and the lcp seems to be ammo sensitive .

i haven't tried the hydroshocks yet, but then again i have found the load that i would use for carry.

the corbons are a little firecracker. i did like em but i feel that it is pushing the envelope just a wee bit to me.

Happy shooting
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