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elsiepea store.

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I posted this else where,not sure if it should have gone in here? But I,m very impressed with our elsiepea store. Also getting ready to purchase a holster from Jim at Hidden Holsters. Will add that transaction to this thread when its completed.
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The store needs more stuff quickly. I need to spend all my extra money before B.O. get's elected and I have to give it all away. :)
Wish they accepted money orders and checks ?

I will NOT use Pay/Pal for a couple reasons !! :mad:
Roofuss said:
I will NOT use Pay/Pal for a couple reasons !! :mad:
+1 here!

Visa is secure . . .
+1 on both, the elsiepea store and hidden holsters. excellent communication and service from both of them.
I received great service from the elsiepea store! Thanks again!
I am also impressed with the elsiepea forum. Got my grip/extensions in 2 days from IA to UT. by US mail thanks
Had a great experience with the Elsie Pea Store. Very fast shipping on my Pachmyr grip. Ordered the small pistol box now. Have dealt with this company on Ebay prior to joining the forum with same great service. Definitely recommended to all.
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