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Dropped my Elsie...

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Tonight, I did something I've never even come close to doing in all the time I've used and owned firearms...I dropped my gun. It is pouring rain here in Southeastern Kentucky tonight...I was at the office VERY late, and as usual, had Elsie inside my waistband in an Uncle Mike's holster. I've gotten used to it there, so I never give it much thought. I headed out to the car, then home...and before I stepped out of the car into the rain, I draped the shoulder strap from my briefcase over my shoulder. Hopped out of the car and made a mad dash for the front porch and shelter. Four steps in, my briefcase swung forward, hit my hip at just the right angle, and Elsie popped right out...and onto the asphalt, in the middle of a puddle...made a pretty good smack when it hit, although the whole thing was like slow-motion for me. The results...

First and foremost, the weapon DIDN'T fire. I know many of us have been, pardon the pun, gun-shy, since the recall. However, I continue carrying one in the pipe. Elsie hit the pavement pretty hard tonight, and no accidental firing. Had one little scratch to the right of the rear sight, which buffed out. I field stripped Elsie, dried her off real good, and gave her a fresh dose of oil, then cycled a couple of mags of ammo through...she seems to be working flawlessly.

Not sure if anybody else has posted anything similar, but now at least we have one real-world example of an idiot (me) dropping an LCP, with no accidental fire.
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I dropped mine onto the carpeted floor off of my desk. Like you, it seemed slow motion, as it landed right on the hammer. No bang. Still carry it w/ one in the pipe and still have to sign up for the recall lol... :D
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