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I travel all throughout Texas for my job (Contract Medical Worker) and stumbled upon this little place in Schulenburg,TX.

Walked in to take a look around and it was just a normal Liquor store with a Walk in Gun section in the middle of the store and a drive thru!

They had a modest selection of guns but I was suprised to find a LCP in stock!
(can't find them in Houston)

On top of that it was about $50 dollars cheaper than what I paid for it in Houston.
(Doubleshot had them for about $280, I paid $330 at Carters Country)

The Gentleman working the counter told me that they try to keep the LCP in stock as it is in pretty high demand. (That and the Taurus Judge).

As I was leaving (really tempted to buy a second LCP) I didn't want to leave empty handed so I told the man I wanted to buy a shot glass with the stores logo as a Souvenir and he just told me to keep it as they were left over Grand opening Promos.

Talk about Southern Hospitality!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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