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Does anyone have experience with GunsAmerica as a Seller

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I have an item that I want to sell. Read through the GA stuff on selling, have no problem paying them the $20 WHEN (if) it does sell (which they say iis pretty much "Honor System") as they really have no way of verifying that it did/didn't sell through them) , did all the registration stuff, etc. Now I find out that in order for me to post an ad, I need to give them a credit card number. What's with that? ... other that me saying here I'll give someone a signed blank check!

So I would appreciate any feedback if anyone have experience with GunsAmerica as a Seller or otherwise.

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I know nothing about GunsAmerica but requires a credit card number in order to open an account. This in my estimation assures fairness for both the seller and buyer. I am very happy with my sells and purchases on Gunbroker and highly recommend the system to all my friends. It beats taking a firearm to a gun show or dealer and receiving about 1/3 of its true value in a trade. The FFL transfer system allows people to transfer firearms legally but all using this system must realize crooks do exist in our society.
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